If you are reading this blog, this surely means that you care for kids and hence before we dig deep in this topic, I would request you all to take out 50 mins from your busiest lives and

watch Episode – “DEADLY DRESSERS” of NETFLIX show named ‘BROKEN’.

Giving you a brief, this episode unveils the dark realities of cheap furniture (which we call affordable, budget furniture) getting pushed from big national and international companies. It is horrifying to see how saving a few bucks is costing people around the world their kid’s lives. These companies in the name of fast delivery, easy fix, lower prices are providing unstable and degraded products.

With ongoing legal cases against their product designs they are still selling the same furniture
I didn’t mean to scare you but being aware about the reality is important and not everyone says it. I might sound cynical but we as a consumer have gone so blind towards affordability and physical appeal that sometimes we tend to forget/ignore the main purpose behind buying interior infrastructure.

But we all want to do it right and I understand this
So here are couple of things from my end for you to keep in mind while getting your kids room done

1. Safety is utmost: Never forget the original purpose of any product in children’s room

Safety is the key even when a child is a teenager now, young blood is fearless and can not smell danger as easily as us and hence it is our responsibility to keep them safe.

  • ●  Keep stuff at their eye level – Kids should be able to find things when they need them. Otherwise, they will trash everything around them.
  • ●  Make sure furniture has round edges
  • ●  Decor pieces, wallpapers, paints, etc should be non-toxic, lead free and should bear such certifications
  • ●  Keep the centre space of room free for play, do not put tables or unnecessary furniture in centre

2. Base the design on current age + 5 years ahead

A year or two in childhood terms mean much more than a year in adult terms. Your child grows day by day, it means that the furniture you’ve purchased today may not be suitable in the near future and hence choose larger and more durable pieces that will stay in your

kids’ lives for at least 5-8 years. Long lasting furniture is a bit heavy on pocket but as we talked about at the start of this article, quality is the first thing which we can not compromise when it comes to our kids.
If it makes you feel better, think about the affection you feel when you see a photo from your own room. Totally worth it!

3. Maintain a theme:

Have a talk with kids about their likes, dislikes, favorite cartoons, superheroes, to set some themes in order to create a healthy bond between kids and their rooms. Do not forget to maintain the coziness level in any theme you choose
Make sure to have a comfy bed, play area, study table, wardrobe and vanity unit, ample storage for games and toys in whatever theme you choose

4. Balance:

It is very important to balance between functionality and personalized appearance. Decorating the room will depend on creativity and budget, but has to resemble a style your kids like and enjoy. The more they like it the likelier it is that they would maintain it

  • ●  Lots of storage – Have lots of storage for things. Shelves, drawers, baskets, and boxes are essential to stow everything away. Have a system of cleaning everything up at day’s end to keep things away, such as toys and clothing.
  • ●  Label things up – Kids love it when everything has its storage area. It motivates them to put things back where they belong when they are done using them.

5. Don’t be limited to bedroom:

Maintain safety standards, creativity and some storage area for kids in living room, dining area, etc as well because they are kids, they will be everywhere and so is their stuff.

That’s all from my end. Happy designing!

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