A question which interior designers get all the time and an answer which can not be summarized in words or by a mere discussion of 5 mins, but still we have tried to break it, put it in parts and convey as best as we can

Interior design is the art and science of enhancing the interior of a building keeping in mind the whole exterior with it, in order to achieve a healthy and more aesthetic environment for those using the space.

For even the most creative minds and fashion-forward eyes, hiring an interior designer can help you make that project come to life.

Let us understand how –

1. We design vision and version for you!

First we design our spaces and then our spaces design us – Winston Churchill

I mean that’s the perfect constellation of what interior designers are capable of. We can help you design your future-self. Designers understand how textures, colours, sounds, space planning, lights, furniture, plants, etc affects your comfort, mood, positivity, negativity, fatigue, energy, joy, et. All these different elements design the spatial relationship of things with an individual, friends and family.

So just like with great books and great movies and great friends, what we surround ourselves with will definitely have an influence and an impact on our lives.

2. We save Money and Time for you (in the long run)!

This may sound a bit strange that hiring someone to design your home interiors would save you money since you have the additional fee of the designer.
As a matter of fact, it is found that people who design their homes themselves commit costly mistakes. Doing things yourself means taking on a lot of risk, and there’s no guarantee that it will come out the way you anticipated. (Not to mention the time you’re spending to make everything come together or the stress of figuring things out when they don’t go as planned). People are prone to shell out on things that they regret in future.

The designers will have a careful plan laid out, will know the feasibility and will work according to your pocket.


If you have a big project in the works, your decorator, landscaper, architect and contractors might not all be on the same page, which can create issues in its own right. Your designer, on the other hand, is something of a ‘Jack of all trades’, and can liaise between all of your other professionals to ensure that they work together harmoniously. This can also help to prevent any design or execution mistakes in your plan, and is essential for managing your time and money well.

4. We make resources available

The design options designers can come up with are “almost limitless.”

Taking just Bathroom as an example, you will need to procure the tiles, faucets, water-closets, hand showers, lights, exhaust systems, waterproofing materials, mirrors, towel racks, hardware, storage furniture and much more depending on your requirement and a number of brands to decide from. Your interior designer can recommend the best bet for each requirement keeping the price, quality, the design language of your space, durability and feedback in mind.

Thanks to their access to custom cabinetry, fabrics, wall coverings, furniture pieces, case goods, light fixtures, and more, they’ll know where to have a bespoke rug made that perfectly complements your space, or draw up the closet of your dreams.


5. We bring professional expertise

What may seem futile to you can be a fruitful effort for a professional. A trained interior designer can create wonderful spaces that are functional and provides some utility.
They know exactly what to go for and where to look for it.
You might be surprised that a beautiful vintage table you haven’t been sure what to do with could actually swoop in to steal the show as a bathroom vanity.

As pro designers, we always have our fingers on the pulse of the latest developments, products and suppliers in the industry. We see new designs and new information every single day​. ​The years of experience, technical knowledge & passion of core team members can make this journey easy for you.

ALL ABOUT HIRING AN INTERIOR DESIGNER – We increase your property’s value

By hiring a design professional, you will enjoy returns on your investment in more ways than one. Aside from enjoying a more comfortable and functional living space, an expert interior job will also make your home easier to sell.
Simply showing potential buyers a neat, well-built property will influence their decision – and potentially get you more money for your sale, too. We are trained to consider the tiniest details (like how light enters a room and how to make a space look as large and airy as possible), which creates a sense of balance between your interior and exterior spaces and adds a significant appeal to your home, both for you and for your buyers.

7. Access to insider network

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a designer is their knowledge of the finest craftsmen, most careful contractors, most reliable subcontractors, reliable plumbers, electricians,etc. If you’ve thought about hiring a contractor to do your kitchen renovation, you may have found yourself immediately overwhelmed by figuring out whom to choose—and then trying to decipher who can actually get the job done.

With interior designers onboard, you don’t have to worry about whether your new cabinets will arrive on time or if the tiling has been executed correctly.


Designers have the most tedious tasks of thinking outside the box and design and create figuratively for a box. Designers are ​t​rained to think differently, spatially, and to see an overall

picture that clients often cannot.

No doubt! A contractor, a carpenter can replicate the designs you want, bring finish to it, and can be creative to an extent BUT the sharing of vision, ​collecting your ideas, analysing your requirements, understanding your personality, working in budget, being up to date with market trends, huge network, space management, favorable suggestions…….Basically whirling the magic and bringing the WOW factor, only DESIGNERS can do it and that’s the biggest reason not everyone in this industry dares to call themselves designers !

Working with a ​designer means that the refresh will be well thought out from the get-go, and the resulting spaces “can truly enhance one’s day-to-day living.”

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